Indian Food Calories Chart PDF English and Hindi

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You can Download the Indian Food Calories Chart PDF from the given download button at the end of this post. Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for leading a healthy life, and it becomes all the more important to keep a tab on calorie intake when it comes to weight management. An Indian Food Calories Chart PDF can be an effective tool for individuals who are looking to manage their weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This chart provides a comprehensive list of calorie counts for various Indian food items, including vegetables, fruits, grains, and proteins. It can help individuals to understand the calorie content of different foods, make better choices when it comes to their diet, and achieve their weight goals.

The Indian Food Calories Chart PDF also provides information on portion sizes, making it easier for individuals to understand the amount of food they should consume and control their calorie intake accordingly. With the help of this chart, individuals can create a healthy meal plan and keep track of their daily calorie intake, making it easier to achieve their fitness goals.

In addition to weight management, the Indian Food Calories Chart PDF can be helpful for individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. By monitoring their calorie intake and choosing healthier food options, individuals can effectively manage these conditions and lead healthier life.

Overall, the Indian Food Calories Chart PDF is an essential resource for individuals who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, make informed dietary choices, and manage their weight effectively.

North Indian Food Calories Chart

FoodAmount&nbspCalories per serving
Bottle gourd100 gm11
Ridge gourd100 gm13
Bitter gourd100 gm21
Capsicum100 gm16
Fenugreek leaves (cooked)100 gm34
Radish leaves100 gm26
Spinach100 gm24
Pumpkin100 gm23
Zucchini100 gm20
Drumsticks100 gm67
Tomato100 gm21
Sprouts100 gm44
French beans100 gm24
Kidney beans1 cup337
Soya beans1 cup446
Beans1 cup40
Peas1 cup118
Lady’s finger1 cup150
Cabbage1 cup60
Cauliflower1 cup150
Broccoli1 cup40
Brinjal1 cup40
Cottage cheese100 gm258
Palak paneer1 cup280
Fried potato1 cup200
Mashed potatoes1 cup100
Sweet potato1 cup96
Mushrooms1 cup296
Mixed Veggies1 cup80
Vegetable Curry1 cup130

Indian Food Calories Chart PDF Details

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