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Sri Venkateswara vratham can be carried out in two ways. The first method involves inviting a priest to perform the vratham in a grand manner, similar to the Sri Satyanarayana Vratham. This method is usually followed before weddings, housewarming ceremonies, the inauguration of new businesses, or any other auspicious occasions. The second method involves reading the stories and offering prasadam directly to Lord Srinivasa. After reading each chapter, a coconut can be offered as ‘Naivedyam’, or only one coconut can be broken at the end of the vratham. To prepare the Maha Prasadam, wheat rawa, sugar, and ghee must be mixed, similar to the Satyanarayana Swamy Prasadam.

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About Sri Venkateswara Vratha Kalpam

Performing Sri Venkateswara vratham is considered the easiest way to receive the blessings of Sri Venkateswara Swamy in Kaliyuga. This vratham, ordained by the Lord Himself, is very easy to perform and can be done by anyone and anywhere. It is believed that all financial, health, and various other problems related to mental and physical conditions can be overcome by performing this vratham. One can perform this vratham before any auspicious event, like marriage or housewarming, and anyone seeking a good career or positive results in their own business can also perform this vratham for fruitful outcomes.

The vratham can be performed at any time, but it is recommended to perform it during the months of Margasira, Magha, and Karthika, or on the days with tithis like Pournami, Panchami, Saptami, Ekadasi, or on the days of Sravana and Swati nakshatras for favorable results. It comprises of five chapters, with the first chapter inspired by the Lord Himself and the remaining four blessed by the great Saints – Viswamitra, Vasishta, Bharadwaja, and Athri.

This vratham can be performed not only in one’s own house or rental, but also in a temple, any holy place, or even on the banks of a river. It is recommended to invite friends and relatives while performing the vratham. The puja area must be cleaned properly, and a mantapam (stool) has to be installed with the Lord’s photo placed on it. A photo of Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy with his consorts, Sridevi and Bhudevi, or a small idol of the Lord or a one rupee coin (to represent the Lord) can also be placed during the Puja. A kalasam has to be arranged, and the puja starts with the worship of Lord Vinayaka (made of turmeric) to overcome all obstacles for performing the vratham. Navagraha Devatas and Ashta Dikpalakas must also be invoked to be virtually present during the Puja, or one can pray to them by meditating upon them. Then the five stories have to be read. Sri Venkateswara Swamy has said that wherever the vratham is performed with full faith and devotion, HE would surely visit in some form or other to partake the Prasadam.

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