A Brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir PDF

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▪ Understanding history is pivotal for a range of competitive examinations, including SSC, NTPC, and State Level tests. Notably, in exams like WBCS, Indian History holds substantial significance in the scoring system.

▪ To support aspiring candidates in their historical studies, we offer a highly significant resource: “A Brief History of Modern India” authored by Rajiv Ahir, available in PDF format.

▪ This book serves as an indispensable tool for those gearing up for competitive exams, presenting a comprehensive exploration of India’s modern history. It delves into various historical events and influential figures that have left an indelible mark on the nation’s political, social, and economic evolution.

Some of the features of this Book

▪ Rajiv Ahir’s history book comes highly recommended for candidates preparing for a range of exams due to its comprehensive coverage of significant historical events and their enduring impact on India’s contemporary landscape.

▪ The content is thoughtfully structured to align with the relevant exam syllabi, ensuring aspirants find it directly applicable to their preparation.

▪ This book offers a meticulous analysis of key historical milestones and their far-reaching influence on India’s political, social, and economic evolution.

▪ Spanning India’s modern history from the 18th century to the present day, it delivers an extensive overview of pivotal events and influential figures that have left an indelible mark on the nation’s historical journey.

▪ Rajiv Ahir’s notes on Indian history provide an unparalleled depth of insight into the subject matter.

▪ All in all, “A Brief History of Modern India” stands as essential reading for anyone keen on exploring Indian history, particularly those gearing up for competitive examinations.

Contents of the Book

  • Sources for the History of Modern India
  • Major Approaches to the History of Modern India 13
  • The advent of the Europeans in India
  • India on the Eve of the British Conquest
  • Expansion and Consolidation of British Power in India
  • People’s Resistance Against British Before 1857
  • The Revolt of 1857
  • Socio-Religious Reform Movements
  • A General Survey of Socio-Cultural Reform Movements
  • Beginning of Modern Nationalism in India
  • Indian National Congress: Foundation and the Moderate Phase
  • The era of Militant Nationalism (1905-1909)
  • First Phase of Revolutionary Activities (1907-1917)
  • First World War and Nationalist Response
  • Emergence of Gandhi
  • Non-Cooperation Movement and Khilafat Aandolan
  • The emergence of Swarajists, Socialist Ideas, Revolutionary Activities, and Other New Forces
  • Simon Commision and the Nehru Report
  • Civil Disobedience Movement and Round
  • Debates on the Future Strategy after Civil Disobedience Movement
  • Congress Rule in Provinces
  • Nationalist Response in the Wake of World War II
  • Quit India Movement, Demand for Pakistan, and the INA
  • Post-War National Scenario
  • Independence with Partition
  • Constitutional, Administrative, and Judicial Developments
  • Survey of British Policies in India
  • Economic Impact of British Rule in India
  • Development of Indian Press
  • Development of Education
  • Peasant Movements 1857-1947
  • The Movement of the Working Class
  • Challenges Before the New-born Nation
  • The Indian States
  • Making of the Constitution for India
  • The Evolution of Nationalist Foreign Policy
  • First General Elections
  • Developments under Nehru’s Leadership (1947-64)
  • After Nehru

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