Disha General Science Compendium PDF: General Science Guide for Competitive Exams

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Looking for a turbocharged boost to your preparation for competitive exams like CSAT, NDA, CDS, Railways, SSC, or UPSC? The Disha General Science Compendium PDF is your secret weapon! This meticulously crafted study material is your ticket to skyrocketing your general science knowledge and enhancing your odds of acing those critical exams.

Why is it so exceptional, you ask? Well, picture this: a comprehensive treasure trove of science wisdom tailored precisely to meet the demands of competitive assessments. This compendium isn’t just another study aid; it’s your steadfast ally in the battle for success.

What sets it apart, you wonder? The answer is simple: it’s all about that exam-oriented approach. This resource has been fine-tuned to align perfectly with what you’ll encounter on your upcoming tests. It’s your roadmap to understanding the intricacies of general science, ensuring you’re more than ready for the challenge.

But that’s not all – it’s not just about theory. The Disha General Science Compendium PDF is packed with practice questions to put your newfound knowledge to the test. It’s your go-to, one-stop destination for an intensive, results-oriented study experience.

So, if you’re serious about dominating those competitive exams and want to turbocharge your general science know-how, this is your must-have resource. Don’t miss out – grab your ticket to success today!

Disha General Science Compendium PDF: Features, Contents, File Details, Download Link

Disha General Science Features:

Inside this PDF, you’ll find an extensive reservoir of the latest insights across a spectrum of General Science topics, encompassing Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and the fascinating realm of Science and Technology.

This comprehensive guide delves into all the fundamental principles, theories, laws, and concepts of General Science, presenting them in a well-structured and organized manner that’s easy to grasp.

It doesn’t stop at theory; the PDF also houses a generous array of chapter-specific practice questions. These serve as invaluable tools for self-assessment, helping students pinpoint their strengths and areas needing improvement.

The Disha General Science PDF is penned in accessible, clear, and concise language. It acts as a universal study aid, catering to aspirants from diverse backgrounds.

In a bid to demystify complex data, the Disha General Science book employs a plethora of infographics, charts, and tables. This visually stimulating approach ensures that scientific concepts and data are presented in a way that’s both clear and captivating.

Designed with an eye on acing competitive exams, this book takes an exam-centric approach, focusing on the very types of questions you’re likely to encounter in these rigorous assessments.

Table of Contents


  • Measurements & Motion
  • Laws of Motion, Force, Work, Energy & Power
  • Force of Gravity, Solids & Fluids
  • Sound, Oscillations, Heat & Thermodynamics
  • Electricity, Magnetism & Light
  • Modern physics and sources of energy


  • Matter & its Composition
  • Atoms, Molecules & Nuclear Chemistry
  • Elements Classification & Chemical Bonding
  • Acids, Bases, Salts & Metals
  • Non – Metals
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry


  • Biological Classification/ Cell & its Division
  • Genetics & Biotechnology
  • Evolution and Ecological Biodiversity
  • Tissue, Physiology of Plants and Animals
  • Reproduction
  • Nutrition, Health, and Diseases
  • Food Production


  • Computer and Technology
  • Communication
  • Defense
  • Space Technology
  • Energy
  • Nuclear Science

File Details

▪ File Name- Disha General Science Guide for Competitive Exams PDF
▪ File Size – 12.38 MB
▪ Quality – Good
▪ No. of Page – 240
▪ Category – General Science PDF

▪ Subject – General Science
▪ Beneficiaries – All Government Job Aspirants

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