Printable Category-wise Protein Food Chart PDF

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Welcome to a journey of health and wellness with this “Printable Category-wise Protein Food Chart PDF”! In the pursuit of a balanced and nutritious lifestyle, understanding the significance of protein-rich foods is paramount. This downloadable guide is designed to simplify your dietary choices, providing you with a comprehensive list of protein-packed foods in an easy-to-read format.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a health-conscious individual, or simply someone looking to elevate their nutritional intake, this PDF offers a visually appealing and printable resource. Navigate through a diverse array of protein sources, from meats and seafood to legumes, grains, and dairy products, each accompanied by essential details on serving sizes and protein content.

Empower yourself to make informed decisions about your diet, create well-rounded meal plans, and ensure you meet your daily protein requirements. The convenience of a printable format allows you to carry this valuable resource wherever you go, making it a handy tool for grocery shopping, meal prepping, or simply enhancing your nutritional knowledge.

Embark on a delicious and nutritious journey with our Printable Protein Food Chart PDF. Download, print, and embrace the path to a healthier and protein-enriched lifestyle today!

Categorywise Protein Food Chart

CategoryFood (Cooked)Serving SizeCaloriesProtein (g)
Meat, Poultry, EggsChicken, skinless3 oz14128
Steak3 oz15826
Turkey, roasted3 oz13525
Lamb3 oz17223
Pork3 oz12222
Ham3 oz13914
Egg, large1 egg716
SeafoodSalmon3 oz15522
Tuna3 oz9922
Shrimp3 oz10120
Lobster3 oz7616
Scallops3 oz7514
Legumes, Grains, VegetablesPinto Beans½ cup19711
Adzuki Beans½ cup1479
Lentils½ cup1019
Edamame½ cup959
Black Beans½ cup1148
Red Kidney Beans½ cup1128
Chickpeas½ cup1347
Black-eyed Peas½ cup1007
Fava Beans½ cup947
Wheat Berries½ cup1516
Kamut½ cup1266
Lima Beans½ cup1056
Quinoa½ cup1114
Peas, Green½ cup594
Spinach, cooked½ cup413
Nuts and SeedsSoy Nuts1 oz12012
Pumpkin Seeds1 oz1599
Peanuts1 oz1667
Peanut Butter1 Tbsp1887
Almonds1 oz1636
Pistachios1 oz1616
Flax Seeds1 oz1406
Sunflower Seeds1 oz1406
Chia Seeds1 oz1385
Walnuts1 oz1854
Cashews1 oz1624
Dairy ProductsGreek Yogurt6 oz10018
Cottage Cheese (1% fat)4 oz8114
Regular Yogurt (nonfat)1 cup10011
Milk, Skim1 cup868
Soy milk1 cup1328
Mozzarella (part skim)1 oz727
String Cheese (nonfat)1 piece (0.75 oz)506

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Summarizing the importance of being mindful of calorie intake and the convenience offered by the Indian Food Calorie Chart PDF. Whether you’re on a fitness journey or simply want to make healthier food choices, this resource aims to be a helpful companion in your culinary adventures.

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